Emergency Situation Awareness

The Emergency Situation Awareness (ESA) system analyses Twitter messages posted during disasters and crises. It uses natural language processing and data mining techniques to provide early detection of events and to extract situation awareness information as a disaster unfolds, effectively crowd-sourcing relevant details.

It provides time-critical information that allows emergency services to respond rapidly and appropriately.

ESA was developed to provide early warnings of unexpected incidents, and explore the impact and implications of identified incidents across a range of disasters and crises.

ESA screenshot
ESA analyses Twitter messages to provide early detection of events

Social Media Monitoring and Analysis

CSIRO social media monitoring and analysis tools have been used by numerous government agencies for operational use and to test prototype interfaces of new features. If you are an employee of one of our participating organisations you can self-register for access to the ESA system here.

Other social media research work is being undertaken at CSIRO, notably:
  • Vizie - a web based software system that tracks, integrates and visualises customer feedback across a range of social media channels in real time
  • WeFeel - a tool developed to see if social media can accurately map our emotions and help us better understand mental health

Please contact us to learn more about these tools or to explore and co-develop technologies with us.

Contact Information:
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CSIRO Digital Productivity Flagship
Phone: +61 3 9662 7445
Email: mark.cardy@csiro.au